We have information "blox" covering over 350 topics founders need to start and run business operations

What's covered in StartBlox:

We cover the standard operational foundations of running any type of business, anywhere.  We've organized these topics in our Library and in our Coach walk-through "wizards" in sections like the following:

Business Planning
Company Formation
Tax and Regulatory Matters
Finance & Accounting
Marketing & Advertising
Office Setup / Locations
Software / Office Tools
Hiring People & Payroll

Why don’t I see content for sales, distribution, or production/manufacturing?

StartBlox is intended to help all businesses with the basics of starting up – the administrative and operational elements that are common no matter the industry or location.  

Sales, distribution, and production activities tend to be very industry-specific, and whose regulations are often location-specific on top of that.  For now, these sections are not detailed in the application, although we hope to develop professional communities in the future where more specific information can be exchanged among users.

Today we include basic sales considerations in the Planning and Forming blox; internal sales team development in the Marketing blox; as well as many considerations in the Locations blox that relate directly to distribution and production matters.