A little bit about where the StartBlox idea came from and when we were founded

StartBlox was founded by some folks who saw the challenges most entrepreneurs face when starting a new business: feeling like they’re on their own to do everything.

Previously through our affiliate company, Consuleris LLC, we developed a novel consulting service that helped “build” the corporate functions in new businesses –analogous to a construction general contractor – by project managing B2B vendors for clients.  One day it occurred to us, “Couldn’t every entrepreneur use a helping hand like this??  Let’s turn it into software that anyone can use anywhere, anytime!” And thus, the StartBlox concept was born.  StartBlox, Inc. was spun off from Consuleris LLC in August 2016.

The founding team comprised CEO Brian Browning, an outstanding Advisory Board with experience spanning from tech to barber franchises, and a small operations group of incredibly multi-talented employees and contractors.